Somerset North County Brooch

The Somerset North County Brooch is given to a member of the County, with thanks and in recognition of their outstanding service and contribution to Guiding within Girlguiding Somerset North.

The Somerset North County Award is intended to encompass all sections of guiding. The term unit should be interpreted in its broadest sense.


This award is for members who:

  • Have shown commitment over a period of at least ten years in Girlguiding Somerset North
  • Demonstrate that they are following Girlguiding’s Volunteer Code of Conduct


Recipients must fulfil at least four of the following criteria:

  • Have promoted the growth of guiding and an increase in membership
  • Have promoted the development of guiding within the County
  • Have encouraged and supported other adult members, in keeping with the aims and expectations of Girlguiding
  • Have made a contribution via a significant appointment at any level within the County
  • Have regularly offered varied quality opportunities to young members in their unit or to adult members at any level within the County
  • Have made a significant contribution to the delivery of successful events at either District, Division or County level
  • Work well with their immediate team and who are supportive of their wider local team

Application process

Applications must be made using the Somerset North County Brooch application form, which can be downloaded below.

The form, together with FOUR supporting letters, should be submitted directly to the County Commissioner.

The deadline for submissions is 1st March and 1st October each year, prior to consideration by the County Awards Committee who will consider each application on its merits.

Download nomination form

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