Find out how our county team can help you with GO enquiries

County GO Support

Find out how our county team can help you with GO enquiries

Our County GO Team updates volunteer training records and can assist with general GO enquiries that cannot be solved locally

If you are having a problem with GO, follow these steps:


1. Check the GO Help Files


There are videos and tutorials available to help with the most common issues. You can also find out if what you are experiencing is a known bug in the system, and report problems so that the GO team at HQ can fix them and make GO better for everyone.


2. Contact your District Commissioner


If you can’t find what you are looking for in the help files, contact your District Commissioner. They have extra GO powers and should be able to help you solve most problems.

You will need your District Commissioner to make changes to the volunteers in your unit team and to add qualifications to your record.


3.Contact your Division Commissioner


If you are a District Commissioner and you encountered a problem that you can’t solve, please contact your Division Commissioner in the first instance. They will be able to give you extra support and training.


4. Contact the County GO Team


If you are a commissioner, you can contact John (County GO Coordinator) if you encounter a problem that you can’t solve.

Please contact Fiona (County Administrator) if you have presented a long service award so that she can add this to the volunteer’s record.

If you need to contact John or Fiona, please remember to include the name, membership number and unit of the person who’s record you are trying to update.


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